At a glance

We are structured in a matrix approach, buying by product category and marketing by brand. This allows us to run a portfolio of brands effectively and efficiently. All of our brands sell a wide range of clothing and homewares products.

Our three Power Brands are our growth engines; here we aim to gain new customers and grow market share. Our Secondary Brands are also in growing markets, however they are more niche and we therefore aim to grow share of existing customer spend. Our Traditional Segment is in a slowly declining market; our objective here is to grow market share and hold this segment broadly flat over the medium term.

Our Financial Services business operates across all brands, with the younger brands typically having a higher penetration of sales sold through credit.

Power brands

JD Williams

An online department store, offering style for 50-plus customers and their families, with ranges for women, men, home and kids. We create unique silhouettes, rather than scaling patterns; we use real bodies, rather than static mannequins; and we design to fit – a unique, age appropriate point of view for our consumer.

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Simply Be

Simply Be has empowered women for over a decade, bringing fashion to all, regardless of size. We understand shape and create fashionable collections that fit. The brand is gaining significant momentum both at home and in the USA.

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A modern, challenger brand with a strong digital offer, Jacamo is inspired by everyday men’s tastes. Collections are available in a market-leading range of sizes, from Small to 5XL.

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Secondary brands

Secondary Brands focus on distinct customer niches which are not served by our Power Brands. These brands have significant customer loyalty, good growth prospects and are increasingly online. We view our Power Brands as having the greatest growth potential medium term, however, and therefore our focus here is predominantly on our existing customers.

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Traditional segment

The titles in this segment are focused on serving our loyal, traditional and typically more mature customers. These customers tend to prefer paper-based marketing, such as catalogues and direct-mail offers. This is an attractive and accessible market, underserved by other retailers, and whilst not a future growth driver we generate a good financial return.

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Financial services

An important part of our overall proposition, strengthening customer loyalty and enabling our retail business to thrive. In order to offer our customers excellent convenience and choice, we allow customers to either pay us immediately or utilise a credit account for their purchases, spreading the cost of their purchases over time.

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All revenue figures on this page are on a 52 week basis.