New-found trading agility

“We have made huge changes to our business over the past few years, bringing in new talent and developing our skills and capabilities. We have also significantly changed our processes, particularly in buying, merchandising and marketing. Looking forward, we are on track to complete the final stages of our systems programme by Summer 2018, which will enable even faster growth.

Our trading agility, made possible by the transformative changes we have made, is yielding results and is key to thriving in a world changing faster than ever before.”

Angela Spindler Chief Executive Officer

Growing customer lifetime value through deeper insight and cutting-edge data analytics.

Deeper Insight



Using data to deliver the right products at the right price.

JD Williams “The Cut” collection – a great success

In Autumn Winter we introduced 'The Cut', a collection of our best value, current season clothes, to further reinforce our value for money credentials. Sales of these lines significantly exceeded expectations, up 72% versus comparable lines in the previous year.

We extended the collection further for Spring Summer, and adopted a similarly assertive entry price strategy across our other brands.

Merchandising tools now live

A key release from our systems programme are our new merchandising tools which went live in October, ahead of schedule. These new tools give us the ability to forecast at the individual item level, improving our availability and reducing markdown.

Our best ever cyber fortnight

Building on a successful cyber fortnight last year, this year saw us beat records again, with our biggest fortnight ever in both revenue and profit. We planned months in advance to ensure that we could offer customers fantastic deals whilst earning an improved margin ourselves.

Reaching more people through multiple channels, brand partnerships and innovative marketing activity.

Greater Presence



Gaining new customers and strengthening brand engagement with existing customers.

Expanding our product ranges

We have significantly grown the number of third party brands we stock on our websites, typically stocking their ranges exclusively in larger sizes. This allows brands access to a new, growing customer base at relatively low risk, and gives our customers an even greater choice of products. Since the start of the year we have added over 100 third party brands across our categories.

Selling our ranges through other retailers

We are also partnering with other retailers, selling capsule collections of our ranges through their sites or stores. This allows us to further improve our brand awareness and gain new customers. To date we’re selling ranges through ASOS and Tesco, with more retailers in the pipeline.

Championing body diversity in the fashion industry

We are a truly size and age agnostic fashion retailer; whatever a customer’s size or age, we aim to make them feel amazing in what they wear. This attitude differs significantly to the fashion industry as a whole. We’ve held a number of protests and other events to call for greater body and age diversity in the industry.

The ability to change our product offering and marketing materials quickly, to enable us to better compete in an ever-changing market place.



Trading agility delivering results.

Lead times

We reduced average lead times by over 20% year on year. Our fastest lead time for repeat purchases is now seven days, compared to seven weeks just two years ago.

More flexible ways to pay

Ahead of our new Financial Services system going live, which will enable us to offer variable APR dependent on each individual customer’s risk profile, we trialled a lower APR for qualifying new customers. The initial results of this trial are encouraging.

Further delivery improvements

We extended our cut-off for next day delivery by an hour to 10pm. We also launched Jacamo Unlimited, offering customers 12 months unlimited next day delivery for a one-off £9.95. Initial response to this delivery subscription offer has been encouraging, and we aim to expand it to other brands in due course.

Marketing flexibility

We are working hard to ensure our marketing spend is as flexible and efficient as possible, so that we can maximise revenue wherever possible. We can now change email campaign content and adjust our online spend within minutes.